LitSupport (TIMG) produces New South Wales Acts and Statutory Instruments (in force and repealed) in hard copy format. Publications are bound with card covers and finished to book size A4 or B5 (customer’s choice).

To purchase legislation, browse the NSW legislation website. Simply locate and select the required publication, then choose the "PURCHASE" button that can be found on the status information page for each available title. (Top Right)

Although the New South Wales legislation website does not yet have shopping cart functionality for Bills and as made Acts and Statutory Instruments, copies of these can also be printed on request—contact the service desk on PH 02 9210 5920 or email for further enquiries

Publications are posted to your nominated address. We also offer a free delivery service within the Sydney CBD (postcode 2000 only).

If you require assistance or require further information, please contact LitSupport (TIMG)—Ph 02 9210 5920 or email

Authorised legislation

The following legislation available on the New South Wales legislation website is authorised:

  • In Force and Repealed legislation, including historical versions of that legislation
  • As Made legislation dated from 2000

Print on demand

LitSupport (TIMG) prints the selected publication/s on demand. If you select In Force or Repealed legislation for printing, this means you always receive the latest version available for that title unless you specifically select a historical version of the title in force on a particular date. Alternatively, if you request an As Made version you will receive the version as it was made (assented to or notified) i.e. subsequent amendments and other changes to the title are not included.

Discounts are available for bulk purchases — contact the service desk on PH 02 9210 5920 or email for further enquiries


Pay online at the time of order through LitSupport (TIMG)'s secure payment portal or request an invoice payable via EFT/cheque. (Payment in advance is required.)

If you make regular purchases and would like a 30-day account please let us know, on PH 02 9210 5920 or email